Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Manifesto

  • Pledges to strengthen democratic values by upholding human rights and promoting a just, tolerant and pluralistic Pakistan.
  • Promote cultural enterprise, support workers and create jobs.
  • Take effective steps to increase agricultural production, where the nation can not only attain self-sufficiency but also produce high-value products for export purposes.
  • Free education for all citizens of Pakistan and increase in education budget. For expounding education, a National Education Policy will be formulated by the party.
  • We are not an energy deficient country but that the crisis has risen out of mismanagement and corruption. Party aims to combat this cancerous catastrophe that plagues the nation.
  • A comprehensive insurance policy for journalists, photographers and media persons will be launched and due emphasis will be laid on ideas, initiatives and implementation, (three I’s).
  • Women protection centers will be established to secure the rights of the female populace.
  • National Environment Climate Change and Water Resources Authority will be set up and an anti-corruption hotline will be established.